Skin Care Based on Science

In collaboration with medical specialists with over 30 years of research in burn treatment and skin regeneration, DERMDERM has discovered a way to incorporate science into skin care. We are inevitably exposed to harmful pollutants and toxins in our daily lives, a leading cause of skin damage, irritation, and aging. DERMDERM's AuRA (Auto Revitalize Ability) skin care line works for all skin types to nourish and strengthen the skin and its abilities to naturally restore and repair skin cells. Speed up skin recovery and slow down signs of aging with DERMDERM

for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.

The DERMDERM Promise

All DERMDERM products have been clinically tested and approved by dermatologists. More importantly, all products are clean, safe, and effective.

DERMDERM products come in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. We care about our environment.

Recommended for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin

  • *hypoallergenic

  • *non-comedogenic

  • *fragrance-free

  • *paraben-free

  • *gluten-free

  • *alcohol-free

  • *talc-free

  • *sulfate-free

  • *phtalate-free

  • *soy-free

  • *cruelty-free

  • *silicon-free (AuRA Intensive Care Unit Mask Pack)


 Animal Products & Byproducts

No animal testing, cruelty-free

No animal-derived ingredients including fats, oils, musks

[Allergens & Irritants]

  • No talc

  • No mineral oil

  • No resorcinol ingredients