• Description

      DERMDERM AuRA Intensive Care Unit Mask Pack

      0.8 fl oz / 25 g x 3 masks (1 set)

       *brightening  *firming  *lifting  *anti-aging  *boosts skin elasticity

      • Heal and calm tired, irritated skin from daily activities with this hydrating and brightening mask
      • Achieve visibly noticeable results within just two weeks of using this highly concentrated sheet mask  

      What it is:

      Marine-Micro Algae Green Therapy helps enhance skin cell recovery and slows down signs of aging, brightening, and improving the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Micro Algae extract from naturally grown algae in the ocean is a key ingredient that allows the skin to heal and recover overnight. The bio-cellulose material of this sheet mask helps retain moisture and nutrients from the activated ingredients to lift and provide deep, long-lasting hydration to the skin. 

      DERMDERM's AuRA Intensive Care Unit Mask Pack comes in a box of three masks to use throughout the week for an intensive skincare treatment for all skin types.

      This sheet mask is not intended for daily use, each box includes three masks to be split over a week.

    • How to use

      After removing the separation clip, roll from the top to squeeze the essence into the bio-cellulose mask sheet. Let the ingredients soak and mix before opening.

      Carefully remove the mesh cover from the mask, then apply the sheet mask onto cleansed and toned skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Remove and gently pat the remaining essence onto the skin for better absorption.

      For best results, follow with DERMDERM's AuRA Skin Circulation Revital Essence and/or the AuRA Anti Aging Therapy Cream.

      See below video for detailed instructions

    • Ingredient

      Adenosine, ALGAKTIV GenoFix Nite (Mannitol, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract, Lecithin), ALGAKTIV Urban SKN (Phaeodactylum) Tricornutum Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Tocopherol, D.O.T. Shiner (Sucrose, Xanthophyll, Lecithin) Probiotic complex, Panthenol, Avocado oil

      The DERMDERM Promise

      • All DERMDERM products have been clinically tested and approved by dermatologists
      • DERMDERM products come in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. We care about our environment.
      • Recommended for all skin types, especially prematurely aging skin

      *hypoallergenic  *non-comedogenic  *fragrance-free  *paraben-free  *gluten-free  *alcohol-free  *talc-free  *sulfate-free  *phtalate-free  *cruelty-free  *100% vegan